Valet car parking service
Aéroport Genève - Cointrin

Step 1

Go to the short stay parking at Geneva International Airport.

Step 2

Give us your vehicle which will be parked and insured in our car parks.

Step 3

When you return, your valet parking awaits at the short stay parking.

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Welcome to offers solutions for parking and guarding your vehicle during your journeys from Geneva International Airport.

Unlike public car parks, your vehicle is insured whenever it is under our responsibility.

Our service operates 7 days a week. It is compulsory to book in advance on our website, no later than 11 p.m. on the day before your departure.

As our car parks have limited space, consider booking as early as possible to be sure to have a place.

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Why choose ?

  • It is simple, convenient and fast
  • Guaranteed space and care for your vehicle
  • The economic aspect
  • Secure car park, insured vehicle
  • A proven image and experience in the Valet Parking field

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