General terms of use:

1- Purpose provides services to move and look after vehicles that are entrusted to it by its customers. To this end, it enters into contracts, whose items are the terms and conditions and any amendments, with its customers.

2-'s responsibility

The responsibility of starts upon receipt of the keys to the vehicle and its parking ticket by the valet. A copy of the confirmation is therefore retained by each party. agrees to drive your vehicle into our private car parks and return it to you at the date and time specified by you. is authorised to start vehicles using jump leads in the event of a flat battery and to move vehicles and use other car parks temporarily if required. Under no circumstances will staff smoke in vehicles. is not responsible for failures and damage occurring to vehicles entrusted to it and their consequences, including those subsequent to maintenance, electronic, mechanical or pneumatic failure, wear on the parts and components necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle or because of insufficient amounts of oil, fuel or water. In the event of responsibility of it will only be liable for material damage within the limits of the insurance cover taken out with the company for up to 5'000'000.- Chf. declines all responsibility in the event of storms, hail and any other damages related to natural causes.

3- The customer's responsibility

The customer agrees to arrive at the meeting agreed upon during booking on time. If you are going to be late, please let us know as soon as possible by phoning the valet, using the mobile phone number on your confirmation. is subject to the regulations for the use of public car parks at the airport site. The customer declares that s/he enjoys the full use of the vehicle entrusted to either as the owner or as a third party authorised by the owner. The customer must leave the vehicle registration certificate or car registration document and pollution book (only for Swiss vehicles) in the vehicle's glove box,and to provide us with the vehicle along with both license plates in order to move the vehicle lawfully to the place of parking and for its return to the airport. S/he also declares that the entrusted vehicle meets the legal insurance requirements and that the insurance contract taken out allows third parties to drive the vehicle entrusted to . An increase of 20.- Chf will be added for any booking made the same day or the day before your departure. In all cases, the customer pays for the services performed by online. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 24 hours before your vehicle pick-up, except in the case of flight cancellation. Please keep your booking confirmation in a safe place and be ready to present it when your vehicle is returned to you. If you lose the confirmation, will not be held responsible if it is presented by another person who uses it to collect the vehicle fraudulently. agrees to pay for any damage caused to the bodywork of the customer's vehicle provided that a descriptive inventory of the vehicle was carried out at the customer's request when took charge of it, that the damage or good condition was noted by both parties and there is no contradictory inventory at the time of collection before the customer leaves the collection point. In the event that a descriptive inventory is not carried out when it takes charge of the vehicle, declines all responsibility regarding any damage and shall not answer any questions regarding the state of the vehicle made after it is returned.

4- Governing law and disputes

This agreement is governed by Swiss law. Any disputes regarding its interpretation and execution will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Geneva. reserves the right to modify all or part of these general conditions at any time.

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