Valet parking service for Geneva Airport offers many solutions for parking, guarding and cleaning your vehicle while you're travelling from Geneva International Airport.

When you leave:

Park your vehicle in the "1 HOUR MAX SHORT STAY" car park and leave your keys at the valet parking desk on the "CHECK-IN" level.

We drive your car and park it in our private car parks.

When you return:

Pick up your keys from our desk on the "CHECK-IN" level.

One of our team members will be there to give you your keys back. Your vehicle will be parked in our parking spaces in the P1 car park, level -3.

The desk is accessible when you come out of the lifts on the "CHECK-IN" level before the big pedestrian crossing.

You can leave your keys with us safely and travel with peace of mind knowing that your car is in good hands. Our car parks are closed and secure.

Our service operates seven days a week and bookings can be made on our website or at our desk, which is open continuously from 4:30 am to 0:30 am according to the availability of our parking spaces.

We have limited parking spaces, so remember to book as early as possible to be sure of a space

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