Sponsorship operation rules

Item 1: Terms

To participate, the customer must invite the person(s) of their choice by e-mail using the form provided.

By SPONSOR we mean any easy-park.ch customer having already validated at least one booking and who has enabled the person(s) of their choice to make a booking with easy-park.ch.

Any customer registering on the easy-park.ch website using an invitation from their Sponsor will be considered a BENEFICIARY, provided that they satisfy the conditions herein.

To validate the invitation, the Beneficiary must complete the registration form provided (the creation of a customer account is required to place an order on the easy-park.ch website).

Only validated invitations will be taken into account. A BENEFICIARY can only have one Sponsor.

On the day of the first booking by each BENEFICIARY, the Sponsor will receive a nominative sponsorship coupon for the sum of CHF 20 to be used for a future booking on easy-park.ch.

On the day of the first booking by the BENEFICIARY on the easy-park.ch website, their customer account will be automatically credited with a reduction of CHF 10 on their first booking.

An easy-park.ch customer can only invite by e-mail a maximum of 6 people per mailing.

Any large-scale sponsorship operations, regardless of the medium, are prohibited. Also prohibited are self-sponsorship actions for which the customer registers using different e-mail addresses in order to perform a fictitious sponsorship allowing him/her to obtain benefits.

easy-park.ch reserves the right to validate or not any sponsorship.

A customer may under no circumstances request that easy-park.ch deduct from an order already validated and paid, the value of a coupon (for sponsorship or welcome), which was not selected or was defective when the order was placed.

Item 2: Restrictions

If easy-park.ch discovers serious irregularities by a customer participating in the sponsorship programme, it will take the necessary measures to put an end to these irregularities and consequently cancel any benefits and other reductions that may have been unduly awarded to this customer.

In addition, it is reminded that: 

Only the product end user will be considered a Beneficiary. The Beneficiary must use their own payment method. Sponsorship operates within a private context. Beneficiaries must be acquaintances, friends or family members of their Sponsor. The Sponsor is also forbidden to sponsor themselves by creating two separate customer accounts.

easy-park.ch reserves the right to check the accuracy of information provided by participants. Participants in this operation (Sponsors and Beneficiaries) must authorise all verifications concerning the validity of their sponsorship. If after verification, contentious elements persist, validation may be refused. Any false declaration will automatically result in the elimination of participation.

Item 3: Duration of the sponsorship operation

easy-park.ch reserves the right to curtail, prolong, alter or even cancel the sponsorship operation if circumstances so require; its liability cannot be engaged as a result, in any capacity whatsoever.

Item 4:

Spamming (sending unsolicited or inappropriate e-mails to groups of people) is formally discouraged for the smooth running of the operation and easy-park.ch reserves the right to permanently exclude from the operation any user who is reported to them as being in breach of this rule.

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